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About us
Over the years The Acumen Group has conceptualized and delivered land mark living, leisure and gushiness space. Today a reputed name in real estate sector, the group has carved a niche of itself in providing residential and commercial solutions. Acumen Projects are earmarked for their choice of location, architecture and affordability with society and customers in mind.

Acumen project are earmarked for their choice of location architecture and affordability. With society and customers in mind, Acumen's projects are designed to be environment compliant with ample open space and contemporary amenities catering to the preferences and needs of an evolved Individual.

Core value

There are Five Core Values which represent our major beliefs and philosophies.


We believe trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship. To receive trust we have to be worthy of trust. This requires integrity which means "soundness of moral principle". Trust is the first of our values.


It is our responsibility to care about our customers and respect the trust they give us by choosing us. It is our responsibility to be worthy of this trust. It is our responsibility to be loyal to our clients.


We care about our clients, our associates and our business. We know how important it is to listen and to communicate. We strive to be good listeners and good communicators.


We believe in standards of excellence in all that we do. By serving our clients and supporting our employees, we can secure the Company's growth into an exciting future.


We are committed to maintaining integrity, trust, honesty, ethics and professionalism as the foundation of our decisions and actions. We believe honesty is the only way to succeed in business- in the long term. We are here for the long term.

These are our Five Core Values. They are easy to remember because they are based on one word: TRUST.

T = Trust. R = Responsibility. U = Understanding. S = Standards. T = Truth.

Vision & Mission

Real estate is not just about cement and constructions. It is about infusing life into dreams. That exists on paper doing this skilled knowledge experience and a respect for commitments.

To serve our clients with highest quality services as being among the guest services provider. We understand that earning your trust is key to our financial strength.